‘Dust’, the new album which marks number 20th release since 1997 which  started with  Come From Heaven which celebrates its 25 Anniversary.

 Corin Dingley, The man at the Helm and Hannah Collins, vocalist and part of the Alpha family. 

This record exudes the essence of Alpha’s dreaminess and cinematic qualities adventuring into themes of cosmic space dust, death, depression, inner healing, love, togetherness, novas, energy fields and the being ok with not knowing any of it. At times obvious nods to the Beatles and Jimmy Webb as well as other cleverly placed familiar sounds make this an album that instantly feels like home.

‘Dust’ also has a freshness and an imaginative element for old and new Alpha fans alike. Although differing somewhat in the sound of ‘Come From Heaven’ Alpha’s 1997 hit record, ‘Dust’ maintains the core quiddity of Alpha.


Tea and Toast

Fear is a friend


Hold me

Interlude 1

Kaleidoscope seas

Take your time

Chewed tape


Interlude 2

Save your mothers soul  

Happy place


Hypothetically speaking

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