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We Could Carry On
Separated Sadness
Subliminal Bliss
Bring Us To Tears 


Leon Tone
We‘re Made For Life 
I Want To Know


Older Now
Sleeper Dreamer
If You Find Yourself At Sea
Its So Good Its Wrong


Something Feral
Sympathise And Survive
My Love For You

It’s now out on Bandcamp where you can listen. Other streaming services will follow later in the year. Vinyl now in stock.

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Life In A Bubble

There were over 20 tracks written for the new album but they could not all fit on. So what’s happened to them? The best of those are now titled ‘Appendix‘ and were only exclusively to the first 100 copies of the vinyl. Appendix is no longer Available.

Corin is explaining the album now in a YouTube series, watch now.

Buy your limited addition double vinyl LP from Bandcamp.

Failure.The Story

As we countdown to the 12th album release from Alpha, Corin is going to tell his story of making this album here.

Its in my bones, I have a need to create, be it music, buildings, sounds, electronics…but the drive to create a song that sends that spine chill or musters emotion is my biggest ambition, a goal I fear I may never reach.

Back in 2016 after the release of Loving Nobody I had no studio, no means to record an album, I was not going to be able to bring people to tears by hitting bits of wood and metal and recording goat noises on an iPhone. Music had not supported my family for years and survival comes first, a bigger plan was needed so I could get back to creating soundscapes.