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It’s about music, we think?

Sign up to our site it’s easy and free then start listening to our many players, meet other Alpha fans, create your alphatar, share your top tunes, tell us about yourself and project with your own featured page and more…Register now

Take your time to look around the site as there is lots to explore and discover. Should you have any questions our community is happy to help, there’s almost always someone active on the site  and look out for chances to win something! The more activity you make the more points you earn to unlock more of the site. Thank you – Admin

For example after you have registered start listening to playlist one. Next make a few friends and have a chat on the site and you will be ready to listen to more playlists such as “It’s Friday” and “Alpha playlist 3“. It won’t be long before have enough points to listen, watch and read in The Garden Project and more playlists. When you hover over a menu link it will show how many points you need to enter. If you cannot wait then you can purchase points from the side bar.

Using the Players

The Player is simple to use. Navigate to the menu “Player” at the top of  the site. A drop down menu appears showing a number of different playlist.
When you hover over each menu  another text box will appear showing you how many points you need to enter.


Some players allow you to download the music. In the player click on the down arrow beside the track name to download.

About our players.

  • Songs of Alpha – playlist one, 12 tracks.
  • Songs of Alpha – playlist one but  you can download too.
  • Alpha – playlist two, over 20 tracks including some unreleased and rare material.
  • Direct it – Tell Alpha what tracks to develop
  • Members playlist – Your songs
  • It’s Friday – almost every week we add a track and sometimes a video.
  • Alpha loops and sounds one – Remix and create your own tunes from alpha’s library.
  • Bright ideas – Start remixing other artists works
  • The Garden Project – To strange to explain.
That’s not all! Create your Alphatar, your own review of other albums you love, promote your projects for free.

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