The Garden Project – Written by Corin Dingley

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  1. Corin is that the Pyrenees? I beleive you are a fan of Cadaques? If so, you must be a fan of Dali. We were there last Feb as part of our Barcelona/Gaudi/Dali trip. we must have taken 2500 pictures in 10 days. I loved Dali’s house and the museum. We were very fortunate to have the big Dali exhibit in nearby Philadelphia usa, we went to it 3 times. Absolutely amazing. We also made a pilgrimage to Tampa Fla to the the museum there. The Morse have 4 of his masterpieces, including my favorite, the torreador.
    Peace from Philadelphia, usa.

    1. yes, it is the Pyrenees and we love Cadaques! We have been going there for the past five years every summer and love it. Our 8 year old son is a fan of Dali and we took him to the museum last summer.Its an insane house and we loved the Opium room and his swimming pool. We sit gazing at the house wishing it was ours….

  2. Beautiful landscapes, is this what you see when you wake up every morning in the Pyrénées mountains ? I can even smell the smoke into my nose !

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