Blueneck – Lilitu (Alpha remix) Can be heard now on the ‘It’s friday player

Robert Plant – Song to the Siren (Alpha Mix) Mercury 2002

Brendan Benson – Metarie (Alpha’s Dub Mix) V2 2003

Lambchop – Is a Woman (Alpha Mix) City Slang 2002

Madredeus – Vem (Além de Toda a Solidão) (Alpha Remix) EMI 2002

Coldplay – Yellow (Alpha Remix) EMI 2001
This was on a limited 2 track Coldplay fanclub Christmas CD which also has them doing ‘Have yourself a merry little Christmas’, which can now be found on a Big Chill compilation in the U.S.

Benjamin Biolay – Novembre Tout L’Annee (Alpha Mix) EMI France 2001

Delta – Could You (Alpha Mix) Mercury 2001

Lupine howl – Bronze Age (Alpha Mix) Vinyl Hiss 2000

The Insects – Le Soleil Est Revenu (Alpha Soleil Remix) 2000
Features a vocal performance from Alison Moyet.

Sunna – O.D (Alpha Mix) Melankolic 2000

Core – Broken (Alpha Mix) MCA 2000

Urchin – Why The Fuck Are We Missing The Playoffs (Alpha Mix) Secret Agent 1999

Maki – My Thinking (Alpha Mix) Toshiba 1999

Aco – For Rainy Days (Alpha Mix) EMI Japan 1999

Massive Attack – Inertia Creeps (Alpha Mix) Virgin 1998

Silent Poets – Get Ready (Alpha’s Utah Mix) Idyllic 1998
Featuring a vocal performance by Ursula Rucker

Helena Noguera – All Shook Up (Alpha Mix) WEA 1998
Included on a release that also had mixes by Gus Gus, Zend Avesta from Toulouse and Les Petroleuses.

Receiver – Wot da Fuk (Alpha Mix) Cup Of Tea 1998
A.K.A. Ratman, Receiver remixed Firefly for us which appeared on Pepper. This release also had a mix by Rob Smith (Blue and Red Mix).

Sufi – Spaceship (Alpha Mix) Secret Agent 1999
Sufi was the name of Rudy Tambala’s band after A.R.Kane. He had previosuly remixed Andy’s side project, Sugarboat. This mix was shelved until 1999 and then released on the Secret Agent compilation called ‘Shitwrecked’.

Sufi – Ca Va Ce Soir (Alpha Mix) Secret Agent 1996
As with Spaceship, this featured Rudy’s Sister Maggie on vocals.

Teenagers in Trouble vs Fat Paul – I Wanna get Higher (Alpha Mix) Swarffinger 1996

Experimental Pop Band – 20th Century Tack (Jinx Mix) Swarffinger 1995
This was our first released track and also the band Corin was in at the time – we didn’t yet have a name.

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  1. Hi,

    does anybody know where it is possible to purchase digitally this one ?
    Silent Poets – Get Ready (Alpha’s Utah Mix)
    Been looking for it for a while.
    This is also my first comment here and i want to say:
    So happy Alpha is still alive and about to drop another LP!

  2. I can’t wait to get enough points to be able to access the loops! I want to post good content in order to get those points, though, to make this site more valuable to future visitors. (Just a gift back to Alpha for making my life more enjoyable!)

  3. One feature I would love to see is for the tracks from some Alpha songs to be made available once in awhile to members for downloading and remixing. Alpha could select the song(s) or poll members asking them which track they would love to remix. Alpha could license the tracks under a Creative Commons license that requires attribution and is exclusively for non-commercial use — that is, the track(s) can be downloaded and remixed as long as the resulting remix is attributed to Alpha and not distributed for profit.

    Remixes could even be vetted by Alpha and, if approved by Alpha, included on the site for other members to listen to.

    1. Yes this is a good idea, we do have the loops player for just this purpose with some alpha loops. Only some tracks will be available, the ones where a license is easy. Getting approval for some tracks would take months. We will let you know when some more loops are ready. The CCL is a good idea and will look into it.

  4. I’ve had a remix in my head for for about 5 years now, ever since I heard the Daley remix of Butterfly Cought. I think that the Cocteau Twin’s Blood Bitch would make a really cool mix. Unfortunately I have no recording expertise despite having been a club DJ from 1984 to 1993. If I were still spinning, that mix would be one of my favorites, of course i’d have to do it the old fashioned way, with vinyl. I’d love to hear any feedback on this, or better yet, someone actually make it happen, ideally as a new collaboration between 3D and Liz Fraser. The world is a duller place for lack of her vocal inspirations.

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