Using the Player

The Player is simple to use. Navigate to the menu “Player” at the top of  the site. A drop down menu appears showing a number of different playlist.
When you hover over each sub-menu  another text box will appear showing you how many points you need to enter and if you will be deducted any points for entering.


Some playlists allow you to download the music. In the player click on the down arrow beside the track name to download.

About our players.

  • Songs of Alpha – playlist one, 12 tracks.
  • Songs of Alpha – playlist one but  you can download too.
  • Alpha – playlist two, over 20 tracks including some unreleased and rare material.
  • Members playlist – Your songs
  • It’s Friday – every week we add a track and sometimes a video.
  • Alpha loops and sounds one – Remix and create your own tunes from alpha’s library.
  • Bright ideas – Start remixing other artists works
That’s not all! Then there’s ‘The Garden Project’ players too.

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      1. The easiest way to get points is to buy them. There are going to be more ways to earn and win points by the end of this week without having to buy. Make lots of friends this works too.

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