Part 1 – Noise

I should introduce myself, I am Corin of Alpha and would like to welcome you and thank you for exploring the garden with me. This is the most unusual project I have ever done, it reminds me of those crazy concept album from the 70’s but set in the age of the internet. Not only is this a project full of music but it is also a journal, through it you will learn of a discovery and also an insight into how my music develops.

First would you play the welcome track ‘My Garden’ by clicking on ‘Welcome – My Garden‘ from the player, we will be coming back to this track later in the journal to hear how it develops.


[rave player=garden1]


1. Noise

This is the day it all started even though it had always been there. I had spent a rare afternoon sat in front of my music equipment trying to summon inspiration, the inspiration did not come, it had not come for a long time. Was I beginning to feel that writing was a chore? This is not how it should be done I thought? Have I lost the need to write, is there any point in making new music when there is so much amazing music out there? Was  my life  so complicated that my brain had little space for music? Who knows? I do know that my mind was a mess but  how a good walk can clear the mind. I picked up the dog lead, which instantly made Affleck the dog go into a frenzied fit of excitement. Affleck lives his life for the sole purpose of going on walks  and with the urge again like most dogs to pee on anyhing possible. You will get to know him well  as he appears in almost all the walks, there was no getting rid of him.



I am sorry if Affleck  distracts from your viewing but he needs exercise, it would be cruel to leave him behind when he clearly loves walking so much. I hate him, he has the best life I know. He doesn’t have to work, he gets fed, lies in bed all day, when I die I am coming back as him! I clipped on the lead and he immediately started pulling but it was at that moment I decided to take my mobile phone. I had left it on my desk so there was Affleck pulling in one direction and myself in the other. The small tug of war lasted just a moment, or course I won but only because of the laminate flooring, no grip for a dog. This pleased me for a moment, any points I could win over the dog was good, it made me feel in charge but then I felt sad as I realised we are not in control and maybe the dog was

The air outside was warm but not at all uncomfortable, blue sky, no clouds and about 26 C. “This good weather does not help my work when I am stuck indoors”, I thought to myself. Maybe I should try to write outside like when I wrote My Things. That worked really well, I will never forget it. I set up quite a bit of equipment outside on a sunny day, the whole feeling of working in a different environment was really inspiring. I guess that’s why there are so many bird sounds on ‘Come From Heaven’ as many vocals were recorded outside. I pressed on with the walk, no sorry Affleck pressed on with the walk, dog lead and my arm under full tension, you could almost pluck a note on it. I reached the immaculately kept shrine to the ‘Immaculate Mary’, where behind a path leads into the woods.

At this point I felt fine to let Affleck off his lead and with a ping he was off and now with my hands free I turned to my mobile phone. I had not brought it to call someone but to use it to tune into the radio. I let it scan for a while but nothing, just static. Maybe when I get round the corner and start climbing again I will hit on some terrific station, unlikely! As I approached a small river my radio briefly pick up a station. “Ambient!” I said out loud, it was a kind of noise, something actually good on the radio, but before I could make out any detail it was gone. It was like some Japanese art noise or a new Aphex Twin single.  I stopped walking trying to fiddle with the phone and bring back that noise but the phone was too basic to tune in manually so I walked on in hope it would come back later. The sun was hitting parts of the forest floor capturing the colours and giving the forest a greater depth. It makes you really think about the complex ecosystem that must exist here, walking through, you do not notice the detail. It is easy to see the forest but not the habitat, I see the trees standing but not growing, plants hiding millions of insects that are to small to notice, the buds about to bloom that grow in slow motion and animals hiding because they think I am about to eat them. The forest appears like a picture, never changing but the forest is constantly changing for if it were like a picture it would be a dead. This forest feels very alive. There is a similarity with music, once you pause or freeze it, it no longer exists. You cannot hear music when it is not playing, the sound must be forever changing to be heard and thus music must be alive. I began to think that maybe these thoughts might be enough to inspire some music so I decided to head back. Affleck was way ahead and out of sight, it was unlike him to go out of sight so I shouted his name. Still no sign of him I shouted again, he must have his head down a hole I guessed.

While I waited for Affleck to appear listening to the forest sounds I remembered about the noise I picked up on the radio, I turned it on and the ‘Noise‘ had come back. “What? They’re still playing this, is this John Peel back from the dead?” This time I stood still and listened for a while but it started to fade again. I moved forward to try to pick up the signal and for a moment it came back. The noise was more than just static, it had variations. It had to be a station because the mobile phone cannot lock onto static, it would have to have a carrier wave. To my annoyance the phone does not show you the frequency, it is a cheap and crap phone after all. Affleck was now beside me and we walk back home. As we walked I thought that this noise could be of inspiration. Could I filter it, tweak it? How could I record it? It might not be noise and actually a real tune on some mad pirate station. Whatever it was it had got my mind thinking and thus I had some inspiration. I can create something with this!

In Part 2 ‘Some Inspiration’ the first walk video, no CGI, no edits, no dance routines, no budget, just as it comes.

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