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New Album ‘Eleventh Trip’ to be released 2012.
It is finished so there’s nothing to stop this from being released!

25th October – Alpha & Horace Andy featured music in BBC new drama ‘Death in Paradise’ – Storm – shine mix. Taken from the album ‘Two Phazed People’ . Buy the album from our shop or itunes etc.

13 September – ‘Hope Goes Blind’ – Alpha’s big hope to get a massive hit, of course it never happened. Radio pluggers were paid for and more but the failiure was not the music it was our label, too small a fish. Were not N’dubz. Track features James Roberts, check out his album ‘Everything you know is right.’ You can listen and download this track for free here

12 September 2011 – Jack Matt Mix is released as single. What is this? We are not sure where it came from or where it is going to, but be sure to get your copy now from our new shop.

8 September 2011 – Final mixes of the latest Album in progress. Ok it has taken some time but the members of Alpha have to work inbetween their jobs but they promise your gonna love this one. Find out more on facebook now

20 March 2011 – Alpha are working new album. Over 18 tracks in progress.
18 March 2011 – 
donttouch add free audio player – try now

18th May 2009
Go to our MySpace page to see the first installment of Corins’ Blog.

21st April 2009
The Revolution EP is now for avaliable on MP3 direct from CD Baby. There are three different versions with vocals from Martin Bernard, Helen White, Wendy Stubbs and Sean Cook from “The Flies’.

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