Alpha loops and sounds 1

[rave player=loops1]

When new loops and sounds are added we will post it in the group loops and sounds.

Create music from our loops. Some loops are put into groups because they are from the same theme are are in the same tempo. Click on group to see and eject to go back. To download  click on the black down arrow at the end of the title bar. When you have finished let us all here it and upload it to either members player or your featured page.

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7 Replies to “Alpha loops and sounds 1”

  1. Loops and sounds seems intriguing; I’ll be learning Logic 7 soon and it’d be nice to have some stuff to play with. Where can I find the number of points I currently have so I can find out how many more I need to earn?

    1. Hello Harold, if you go to the top bar your points are displayed in the top menu. You can view all your points from My account > points. Also if you let the mouse hover over a menu link after a couple of seconds a box will appear with the number of points you need to view. Pleased to hear it’s Logic 7, that is what I use. I look forward to hearing what you do.

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