Live Session

Every Thursday we transmit a live stream from the Alpha Studios.

We play rare and new Alpha track in between triphop, old school hip hop, and the most amazing tracks rare and known. Every Thursday evening from 9.00pm French time, that’s 8.00pm UK time and mid-day in the US. It’s a live stream from this site. There is a chat box below to use during the session.

Click the link to listen or paste the URL into iTunes.

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Tonights bet!

How many overall people will have visited alpha heaven by 11.30pm French time tonight. That is one and a half hour after the bet closes. Good luck. You can see the numbers on the right ‘User on page’

[gamble1 bet1=”Number of visits < 30″ bet2=”Number of visits > 29 but < 70″ bet3=”Number of visits > 69 but < 150″ bet4=”Number of visits >  149″]


Polls for Thursday 20th – On the hills

You can only vote once!

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Some photos of the new Studio.

Pictured below is our 1970’s mic Russian Lomo still working, responsible for many Alpha sounds…


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  1. @corin: I work during the the sessions, can you upload the sessions to the site so I can listen? the link provided does not work. Thanks and keep making sonic smiles…… peace from philadelphia, usa

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