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  1. I chose “Nyquil” by our lovely hosts here. I have thousands of albums that run the gamut of recorded musical history, and if I were asked to choose the one song in that history that I absolutely could not live without…it would be that one without a moment’s hesitation.

    1. I like Nyquil as well. Dim was my favorite for a while but recently A Perfect End has become my favorite. I can listen to A Perfect End countless times and always find something new.

  2. So here’s what I did: I posted all these songs in the group inspiration. If you can’t make up your mind, visit the group and listen to all these nice songs!

    1. Wow, great job ! I would have voted Björk myself but I don’t think that Unravel would be one of my favourite… right now I’d go for Unison, Pleasure Is All Mine, 5 Years or Hyper-Ballad.

      1. Well, unravel is something personal and then it’s hard to make one decission. Best video ever of course is All is full of love. Could have picked that one. On my wedding we put ‘generous palmstroke’, but that’s a song nobody knows, so that would definitely not be other’s favorite…

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