‘Covers Been Blown’ from our new forthcoming album Eleventh Trip has just been licensed to a UK feature film called JUMP, for use in the end scene leading into closing credits.
Jump is a comedy thriller and “modern urban fairytale” about three unrelated groups of characters whose stories interweave on New Year’s Eve in Derry, Northern Ireland.

Seven desperate people, including a couple of novice, no-brain hitmen, would-be suicide-cases and glitzy gals geared up for a night on the town, all prepare for their own celebrations, unaware that in a few short hours their lives and stories will all intertwine…

The cast features Nichola Burley (Streetdance 3D, Donkey Punch, Wuthering Heights), Martin McCann (Killing Bono), Richard Dormer, Valene Kane and Charlene McKenna. Kieron J Walsh is directing, and Lisa McGee (Being Human) adapted the script from her play of the same name. Brendan J Byrne of Hotshot Films is producing alongside co-producer Katie Holly of Blinder Films.

The film is an official UK/Irish co-production with financing from Northern Ireland Screen, the Irish Film Board, Firefly Film Sales, BBC Northern Ireland and Bentico Trading Limited.

Our music publisher, Westbury Music has been working with the production company and secured this sync placement for us.

The film is due for release later in 2012 to coincide with the New Years Eve storyline. More information on the film is on IMDb.

The Audio Players

Not just the one player.

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That’s not all! Then there’s ‘The Garden Project’ players too.
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The Garden Project – Launched

Alpha have been talking about this for a long time in fact years. You may have clicked on previous links on  our former websites and found ‘come back tomorrow’ and the like but now it is finally ready with all new tracks from alpha. No need to say anything but ‘What is it?’, well that’s  for you to work out….


New Site, New Music, Alpha Social, Your Music

I would like to welcome all  Alpha fans to the new site. This site has a lots of new features for you to explore. We have been working on a new concept for our site for a few years and now we have something a little different to offer at long last.  A lot of ‘band’ sites are static but alphaheaven is now a social media site.  You can share your music, thoughts and interest with us. Alpha has released new music exclusively for alphaheaven, get your points and start listening now.  Points allow you to listen, you can buy or earn them.  We really hope you enjoy our new site and please spread the word…