New Site, New Music, Alpha Social, Your Music

I would like to welcome all  Alpha fans to the new site. This site has a lots of new features for you to explore. We have been working on a new concept for our site for a few years and now we have something a little different to offer at long last.  A lot of ‘band’ sites are static but alphaheaven is now a social media site.  You can share your music, thoughts and interest with us. Alpha has released new music exclusively for alphaheaven, get your points and start listening now.  Points allow you to listen, you can buy or earn them.  We really hope you enjoy our new site and please spread the word…

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  1. I love the new site, great work. This will give those many fans who love all things Alpha to be part of the scene at as deep a level as they choose to be involded. Thanks for putting this site together, and I look forward to staying involved, you guys are great.

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