Alpha playlist 2

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  1. Song no name on Alpha playlist 2 rare tracks, this song should be worked on and released. It is familiar as briaeos say, but does anyone know where they have heard it before?

    1. once i’ve had all “hidden songs” from stragazing era website downloaded, but then few years ago my hdd decided it is the right time to spontaneously self-destruct, so that hypothesis can’t be easily verified…

  2. “Lilitu” is wonderful, different, love the desperate but still dignified emotion that comes from it…

    “My garden” is peaceful and evokes me a sunny day in the nature, lying on the grass, watching the clear blue sky, refreshed by a nice wind, hearing birds singing and feeling a real communion with nature and elements…

    “Niven” reminds me of the soundtrack of the movie “The Big Blue” (Eric Besson), by Eric Serra, especially the tracks Sailing to death” and “Homo delphinus”. Same ambiance, same sound.

    Loved “You”, for the warm and charming voice of Kelvin…

    Thanks for sharing all these tracks !

  3. Instrumental version of ‘Stumbled’ is brilliant. I’ve always loved ‘The Sky Is Mine’. Especially the hidden track. I believe there’s gotta be more stuff in store.

  4. I love Lilitu. The air of decadence in the song is poignant. The words of the last tribe disappeared a long time ago. Something that does not exist anymore. Thanx

  5. Wow, Lillitu is absolutly brilliant, distinctly Alpha yet reminds me of This Mortal Coil, one of my all time favorite collaboratives. Thanks so much for posting this track and keep on recording…….

  6. no name, no comment sounds so familiar, but i can’t pin point it? was it one of “hidden songs” from the stargazing era website (when one had to chase the stars in order to find hidden songs)?

    1. Please you like it, My garden fixed, thank for letting me know, sometimes it takes a while for your computer to read the new xml file if it still does not play.

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