Playlist 1 – Songs of Alpha

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    This player work for you?
    Still the same for me
    See below

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    I can play the tracks but I have no tracklisting or infos on firefox or safari.
    Someone have this playlist’ tracklisting.

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    Hi, thanks for great playlist. Near future is there any plan coming Tokyo and having live? I’ve waiting for you guys long long time.

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    ‘Because of you’ is such a masterfully crafted song. I always wondered could this song possibly came out from the same sessions as Stargazing album. It has some specific similarities, particularly with ‘Elvis’. Another outstanding song with Kelvin is ‘Three thousand’. I think these two precious songs really reminisce Lee Hazlewood and Burt Bucharach, songwriters who were always far ahead of their time. Just like Alpha.

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      They did not all come from the same sessions as Stargazing, mostly afterwards. You cannot compare us to the greats Lee and Burt, but I am very flattered. Yes some of these songs are hardly know, thank you for your support. The song 3000 even has real strings recorded at Abbey Road but it was many years after that kelvin put vocals to it.

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    It’s a different order than album order. Only alfabetical order. Maybe in the future we can play with that as well?

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    The new playlist is great, enjoying it all day. Making my work at home day a bit brighter. Some nice new suprises and some old favorites(hang on).

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