Part 3 – The Last Spaceman

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    Early in the morning, this makes a good song, in combination with a good cup of coffee, makes working quite doable :)

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    If nature (life) operates under rules for example 1+1=2 then we have been shaped by these rules from plants to humans. The question is , are we independently examining and testing the laws of nature, proving observations of nature operate by a set of rules, for if the laws of nature determine everything then our decisions could also be determined by nature, making us unable to have free will to discover what life is, like it’s hidden from us. This would mean that we are not in control of ourselves and nature. Therefore the question lies, why are we self aware. is this the need to fill in the answer with God – The garden project.

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    Hmmm, at this rate, Poisened can take very long time…

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    Nice to see this grow and in a similar proces see my points grow. I like the parallel. Keeps you hooked.

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    at my window, there were rooftops, now i see mountains. thanks

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    Great to read about a song coming to life. Looking forward to the new album.

    I miss Martin’s voice, but I am feeling positive about the new vocalists. Good luck!

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    Downloads fixed. If it still does not work try to refresh or empty cache browser. Thanks

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    A lovely suprise indeed.

    I was able to download the visual but read an error for the tracks.
    Will revisit soon..

    Other members, check your traffic as it may be throttled from all those free downloads.
    I think we all know the justly, enduring (long-lasting) solution in supporting artists*

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    Proud to be the first here :)

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