Part 2 – Some Inspiration

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    Your story and your video has reminded me of one of my favourite works in classical ukrainian literature. A psychological novel by Mykhailo Kotsiubynsky, called ‘Intermezzo’. It was published in 1908. It tells an autobiographical story about the spiritual healing of the exhausted person who takes a trip away from the city and spends some time alone surrounded by nature. It’s a very personal, deep, intellectual, philosophical piece of work. Your story is beautiful, as are these little pieces of music, you wrote. I’m excited about the final part of the project. I want to hear what came out of the noise. Sometimes a simple sound can transform into something beautiful. I exactly know how this thing works.

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    Tantalizing .. onwards to step3

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    Wow… love it… and i have enough points to go to step3… :)

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    Yes you are the first

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    Yay part 2 !!
    I see I’m the only one who got enough points to view this part ^_^
    Well right now I need to get off my bed and go to work but I’ll be back this evening…
    Maybe someone else will be able to view this as well…

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