Part 1 – Noise

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16 thoughts on “Part 1 – Noise

  1. Profile photo of Lapin Lapin says:

    Introduction track is very beautiful, should have registered many months ago when I read about it on your newsletter……

  2. Profile photo of Peter Peter says:

    Interesting and innovative concept – hope it can & will catalyze interesting discussions iso spam ..

    • Profile photo of Harold Harold says:

      I’m considering making it a personal project to attempt to convert spam-ish comments into valuable ones so that visitors will stick around. I do like this sense of social currency — what would be really cool would be to be able to +1 and -1 comments in a way that would result in the spam being pushed to the bottom of the page (or obscured in some way, as they do on Slashdot).

  3. Profile photo of Remko Remko says:

    A direct link to the song would be preferable – why not make it a litle bit easy?

  4. Profile photo of Filipe Filipe says:

    I do enjoy the point system, if you really want to follow the story you need to do something in return, it’s actually like an Alpha game! I’ll play it for fun! :)

  5. Profile photo of Julien Julien says:

    Dont understand your points system…

    Will buy the new album, but won’t buy points to surf on a site…

  6. Profile photo of Maya Garcia Maya Garcia says:

    Sheeeit !
    Now I need to get more points to see part 2 :(
    Well I can wait until tomorrow I guess,
    I’m too tired anyway to spam comments everywhere *o*
    Lovely story.

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