Playlist 1- You

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12 thoughts on “Playlist 1- You

  1. Profile photo of Remko Remko says:

    Hey, I uploaded some songs, but they don’t seem to be on the player. How come?

  2. Hey! I just uploaded a song called “Corazón de ensueño”, it is sung in spanish, and you can watch the video about a little musician pig who falls in love with a geisha…


  3. Profile photo of etien etien says:

    previous upload:
    Um pensamento
    nous n’irons plus au labrador
    Brifo-Suave Hierba
    Brifo-Another Day

  4. Profile photo of admin admin says:

    Been enjoying the tunes , thanks…

  5. MightyMaya – got a bit of Slowdive/Curve going on there. i like it.

  6. Profile photo of Maya Garcia Maya Garcia says:

    They Simply Fade Away is really great.
    I love it !
    Who posted this track ?

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