Alpha loops and sounds 1

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7 thoughts on “Alpha loops and sounds 1

  1. Profile photo of etien etien says:

    bass 3.1 is ok, now. thanks

  2. Profile photo of etien etien says:

    thanks for the christmas upload too!

  3. Profile photo of etien etien says:

    thanks for sharing the sounds.
    bass 3.1 doesn’t seem to show up or load (wrong files?) as “remix alpha-christmas tune” (empty folder?)

  4. Profile photo of Harold Harold says:

    Loops and sounds seems intriguing; I’ll be learning Logic 7 soon and it’d be nice to have some stuff to play with. Where can I find the number of points I currently have so I can find out how many more I need to earn?

    • Profile photo of Corin Corin says:

      Hello Harold, if you go to the top bar your points are displayed in the top menu. You can view all your points from My account > points. Also if you let the mouse hover over a menu link after a couple of seconds a box will appear with the number of points you need to view. Pleased to hear it’s Logic 7, that is what I use. I look forward to hearing what you do.

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