Live Session

Every Thursday we transmit a live stream from the Alpha Studios.

Almost every Thursday evening from 9.00pm French time, that’s 8.00pm UK time and mid-day in the US.

It’s a live stream from Mid-Pyrenées playing all that has. There is a chat box below to use during the session.

Click the link to listen or paste the URL into iTunes.



Some photos of the new Studio.

Pictured below is our 1970′s mic Russian Lomo still working, responsible for many Alpha sounds…


7 thoughts on “Live Session

  1. Avatar of Harold Harold says:

    Oh, that must’ve been a test or something. You’re session doesn’t actually begin for another 20 minutes, I think.

  2. Avatar of Harold Harold says:

    And just when I’d referred some friends! Did I just catch the final 5 minutes of the session?

  3. Avatar of Harold Harold says:

    Who’s manning the deck? It’s album static now…

  4. Avatar of Jon Jon says:

    It that an SH101 in the RHS of the photo? What other synths are you guys using at the moment?

  5. Avatar of dannyr dannyr says:

    @corin: I work during the the sessions, can you upload the sessions to the site so I can listen? the link provided does not work. Thanks and keep making sonic smiles…… peace from philadelphia, usa

  6. Avatar of Remko Remko says:

    hey, I’ve been enjoying this. When’s the next time?

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