It’s Thursday

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21 thoughts on “It’s Thursday

  1. Profile photo of slowturtle slowturtle says:

    how do i purchase any of these songs as mp3’s?

  2. Profile photo of Remko Remko says:

    Nice to hear familiar sounds fit into the song of Sophie. Thank you!

  3. Profile photo of Remko Remko says:

    it’s quite a long time since it has been friday…

  4. Profile photo of will will says:

    thanks for sharing sounds beautiful

  5. Profile photo of Peter Peter says:

    Darling it’s Friday, have a great weekend Corin and Wendy!!

  6. Profile photo of Remko Remko says:

    I think it’s friday already. Let it come!

  7. Profile photo of Remko Remko says:

    Will there be a full screen mode?

  8. Profile photo of admin admin says:

    Yes these are good ideas, and your right if we can build this site into something more than just Alpha. We are working on some new features at the moment. Thanks again for your support. We have some more remixes lined up for the It’s Friday – player…watch this space.

  9. Profile photo of etien etien says:

    by support act, i mean ‘opening band’ , of course

  10. Profile photo of etien etien says:

    seems like a byproduct of the site, several features imply extended collab. Corin said he wished that it would evolve into smth special. that’s the way of public-fed forums and network, it becomes whatever we (as a whole) do out of it… like a band jamming together, basically…

    another way would be: you re in a band, you set up a gig for Alpha + you (as support act), you make sure it covers the expenses (travel, accomodations+fee). then another band take turn in another city ___ hopefully not to far, to share travel costs…

    now, the membership is still a bit small to reasonably think about it. one-off gigs would be ridiculous.
    then, would Alpha want to do that kind of thing? no idea.

    but i’m in if that’s an option. Paris & area. anyone?

    • Profile photo of admin admin says:

      one off gigs are too complicated as Alpha are in France and England and getting people together to rehearse for one got is nigh on impossible just for one night. its so difficult to arrange backline, musicians it goes on and on. if there was a tour for at least one month then it would be worth it!

  11. Profile photo of Harold Harold says:

    Awesome. This is by a band called Blueneck, right? Not only is it a great idea to showcase similar electronic bands to Alpha, but it would be great to get these other bands involved with this site in some way that really provides them incentive to do so. Bands usually want their own venue to showcase their projects but cross-pollination is typical (like in remixes like this). Marketing-saavy and successful bands understand this. I’m trying to come up with some other ways to cross-market like this.

    Someone please tell me if you agree or disagree. You’ll get two points for doing so!

  12. Profile photo of Remko Remko says:

    The long shot on the video reminds me of the Massive Attack video ‘Unfinished sympathy’

  13. Profile photo of Remko Remko says:

    I always like these kind of treats. Can’t we have a friday treat every week :) Not to kill any creativity or so…

  14. Profile photo of Peter Peter says:

    thanks for the Friday Treat #TGIF

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