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Indie Rock Mag (IRM)

An MRI of modern music.

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Impatient Harold

Patience is the Best Virtue

When I was a young boy, my mom bought me a children’s book from the “Values” series by M.D. Spencer Johnson. Each book in the Values series focused on a so-called value, usually telling the story of a famous inventor or other historical figure in order to instruct the reader.

The Values book my mom got me told the story of the Wright Brothers, known by many as the inventors of the airplane. The value: patience.

As I mentioned, I received this book from my mom at a very early age. It’s as if she knew from the moment I was born which value I needed to learn the most.

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Typically Nasty Weather…

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Something something something Dark Side

This is my personnal project.
I just released a new single from my upcoming debut album.
“Time/Aim Straight is available here and it’s free :
Hope you’ll enjoy it.
Thank You.

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Clay’s photostream

Hey all, just thought I’d share some of my work with the community; considering how much Alpha does for it’s fans I thought it only right to express my gratitude by sharing some of my Alpha-inspired photography. I’m a photographer by profession and I’ve always been intrigued by Alpha’s album art. Each is unique in it’s own right, yet they all seem to have a certain theme/style about them. Often I’ll see a photo and say to my gf “That pic looks like it should be on an Alpha cover!”. Alpha has always been a huge inspiration for me and a good portion of my work is filmed with Alpha in my headphones. I digress; here is a small collection I quickly threw together. When I have ample time in the future I’ll organize the page better. Also, I apologize in advance for the small resolution; the website only allows 500KB a pic. I go heavy on the photoshop at times, so if they appear too grainy at that size, please let me know. 🙂 I hope you enjoy!


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It must be summer somewhere

My Summer/Your fall. [bRiFO] plays with seasonal disorder while crossing the Tropics line. Buenos Aires, Paris, Tokyo, London, city soundscapes and pas-de-deux in a forgotten milonga.

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A little about me

When I write something that is just not fit for listening I may put it on my player.

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Mr Peel

Nu Jazz & Lounge music

A cocktail of nu-jazz mixed with electronic sounds, soul, jazz and cinematic atmospheres

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