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    Corin, are you going to be doing this again with all the tracks you’ve recorded for the next album?

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    lost my way, or something simple but deep idk gl cant wait to hear it

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    I will start on lost an eye lash,do you think it should have a new title? The other tracks will be up for vote again soon.

    Lost an eyelash is now well under way but I don’t know if I should let you hear it until it is finished. It is always difficult to decide if final versions should be left as a surprise or weather to let you hear it’s progress, so here is the vote, do you or do you not want to hear it in progress? New ideas will be up for vote again soon….I have lots waiting to start it will be up to you which ones.

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    “Lost an Eyelash” is wonderful, so peaceful, so melancholic, so intimate, so Alpha !! It’s definitely my favorite. Would love if you develop this track :)

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    All tracks were lovely, and I would be receptive to them all…but “Lost An Eyelash” was just divine! I was writing lyrics in my head the minute I heard the first few bars. Very nice to hear future Alpha classics in their infancy. :)

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    Sandies brings in a new tone, so I prefer that one.

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      heard the 3 again and realy convinced that there’s something new in Sandies. Hope that you will bring it to a higher level, although the votes are against it.

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    F1 and Sandles are good, I feel them like part of Lost in a Garden of Clouds, but Lost an eyelash just made me want to make music! It’s fucking beautiful, I could hear it with a beautiful female voice.

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    Lost an eyelash is quiet good. You could work it out into a song. Other tunes are more ambient. You could possibly use them as an intro, but for an another song, i suppose. I don’t see how these three pieces could work together well. They are too different to be combined as one.

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    f1 just for the reason that it sounds little bit more “experimental” than the other two which are more in the classic alpha style.

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    actually F1 & eyelash work fine side by side;)
    the 3 could easily end up altogether as one song…

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