'Alpha, of course, were never trip-hop. But almost twenty years after they became the first signing on Massive Attack’s Melankolic label, they remain on the periphery of European electronica when they really should be right at the centre of its gently pulsing synthetic heart.'

- Gil Gillespie, Future Music 2015


1. Run From The Rain RSD Remix 2. Salt – Il Ya 3. Say You Don’t Want Me – Alpha Remix 4. The Last Spaceman – Lovelock mix 5. Starlight – Receiver Remix 6.The Shuttered I – l Ya 7. On the Hills Shattered I, Vocals Joanna Swan Il Ya. The new Ep from Alpha ‘Salt’ has been inspired from their previous critically
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Loving Nobody

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Alpha Live

Alpha play their first show in 10 years back in their home town of Bristol. Alpha were the first signings to Massive Attack’s label back in 1997 from which they released their stunning debut album Come From Heaven and have been a important element of the Bristol sound since, if somewhat overlooked. Corin Dingley has
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Prince is a fan of Alpha

One of our alpha fans found a link to Prince’s playlist on Tidal, he notes SomeWhere Not Here the climax of the list out ranking Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield, its amazing!!! Here is the link Check out this playlist in TIDAL: “Always” http://tidal.com/playlist/f3770843-c0d3-4a15-8af9-2df940452168

Because of you

How many times I’ve  suffered for my art? How many times must a man get laid? How many times? Because of you featuring Kelvin Swaby of ‘The Heavy‘. is taken from the E.P. ‘Ariel” Did you know that Ariel was the band name before ‘Alpha’? At the time of signing to Virgin Records the band
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Alpha – Guerlain Shalimar – Ad

The song ‘Somewhere Not Here’ featuring Wendy Stubbs from the album Come From Heaven, features on this advert! Please share so Alpha can get some more of this lucrative little numbers. More info here

Ariel EP

1. Brasier Ardent Theme 2. Ariel 3. Because of You 4. Morbison 5. Till You Drop 6. Got My Friends 7. First Day 8. End 9. Three Thousand Download here. Some what bigger than an e.p. almost an album. This is a digital only release from Alpha and features the Vocals of Kelvin Swaby. The
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Featuring Duncan Attwood the man behind  the ethereal voice  on the Eleventh Trip, Alpha’s last Album. Alpha.Blueneck makes it number twelve for Alpha on the album front count.  Corin Dingley, having produced Blueneck’s debut and follow-up album, knows much of their work intimately, and has managed to turn each track on its head and transform
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Mega Download

Offer ends 25th August Crazy mad number of albums, get your mega download offer from our shop or below.  Each album is a seperate mp3 zip file and you can go back to download them anytime. Important! Click the link ‘Return to Dontouch Recordings Store’ on the successful payment page on the paypal site to get your
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Best Song Ever

We want to find the best song ever. There is no doubt that visiters and members to this site have very good taste and music knowledge, so it’s a great oppertunity to find out the best song ever. It’s easy to take part.  

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